10 Brain Treats we need Every Day

10 Brain Treats we need Every Day

Plans, deadlines, customers, new tasks.

The whole daily hustle and bustle affects our brain.

Even if we bear the mad tempo, we should take care of it.

How do we do this?

Using at least one of these 10 methods and reward our brain for the hard labor.

Have a nap during the day
We have all heard about the benefits of the afternoon nap.

It is very important. Not only does this recharging restore energy but it also activates the activity of the brain, improves memory and lifts one’s mood.

Only 10-15 minutes of nap per day are enough to change forever the hard-working cycle.

After that, you’ll return to work filled with new ideas and energy. These short naps were used with great success by the likes of Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill.

A little bit of creativity before going to bed

A hard day?

Take a little drawing before you went to bed in the evening. It will help your brain not only to relax but activate its creative abilities too, for which you’ll be happy the next day.

No to multitasking

If you strive to maximum prolificacy you should burden your brain with just one task at a time.

Only in such a regime can it work most efficiently.

But how can we achieve that in the modern working conditions?

It’s a simple answer – make action plans and advance to the tasks consecutively. Thus you can achieve much more than if you did everything at the same time. And you’ll be less tired.

Live actively

Cardio exercises are of great use to the brain. Running, walking and swimming not only tighten the body; they also “strengthen” the muscles of the brain and mental activity.

Only 15 or 30 minutes of exercise a day (even if it is just a walk) are a real elixir for the tired brain.

Don’t quit pen and paper

Thanks to computers, smartphones and other gadgets most of us keep taking a pen and paper in hand less and less often.

What a pity!

Because researches show that the use of paper notebook and paper activates the brain improving its work and efficiency.

Don’t forget about vitamins

Keep informed about which foods contain vitamins and minerals, and balance your nutrition.

Vitamins from group B, as well as C, D, E and P improve the brain’s work, short-term and long-term memory and raise quick wits.

Learn a new language

This is one of the best treats for the brain.

Learning a foreign language is a sort of gymnastics for it, revealing its concealed resources and capabilities.

Play with words

Verbal games are pleasant, lift your mood and are very useful for mental activity.

They even increase the IQ and help the brain work.


Meditation is one of the best ways of relaxation – both physical and mental. It calms down, diminishes tension and affects beneficially all brain zones.

Daily meditations will much improve your body and spirit conditions.

Be optimistic

Positive thinking is necessary for your brain so it is fully content and effective.

Optimistic setup gives the basis for discoveries, ideas and abilities, helps us perfect ourselves and gives us an excellent motivation for future development.

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