12 Facts about the Super Luxurious Home of Bill Gates

12 Facts about the Super Luxurious Home of Bill Gates

It’s not a surprise that Bill Gates who is one of the richest persons in the world lives in a very extravagant house.

For 7 years the billionaire builds his immerse house in Washington. It is not one building, there are a lot.

See some of the curious facts about his super luxurious house:

It costs at least 124 million dollars. Gates bought the parcel in 1988 for 2 million dollars.

The wooden material is from age-old conifers, in particular – Pseudotsuga which is 500 years old. 300 workers participated in the project’s accomplishment and 100 of them were electro technicians.

The high-tech system from sensors allows the guests to control the warmth and the lighting in the rooms they visit. The conditions change while they move around the house.

You can change the artwork on the walls at the touch of a button.

All over the house, computer screens are totaling 80 thousand dollars. Anyone can make screens depict their favorite work of art.

The pool has its underwater music system. It is located in a separate building and people can swim under a glass wall beyond which they end up on a terrace outside the house, but still in the pool.

The house has a separate room with a higher ceiling, in which there is a trampoline for jumping. It’s like a fun alternative to the usual workout.

At Gates’ house there are also many exercise equipment, sauna, steam room and separate locker rooms for men and women.

The house also has 24 bathrooms. Perhaps this is necessary in case of big overnight parties which Gates organize at home.

Furthermore, the house has 6 kitchens. They are located at different places in the house.

Whether Gates himself stays there is a mystery, but the billionaire has a personal staff that takes care of every meal and every event.

Gates owns the immerse library, where he keeps an ancient handwriting from 16 century written by Leonardo da Vinci.

The handwriting is bought for more than 30 million dollars in 1994.

There is also a home theatre and cinema that can fit 20 guests in special plush armchairs.

The design is Art Deco and in the salon, there is a popcorn machine.

There are several garages in different parts of the house.

The most interesting one is an underground cave that can fit around 10 cars. All of the garages can total fit around 23 cars.

Super Luxurious Home2

Gates has also a favorite tree in his yard, that is under 24 hours watch. It is 40 years old maple that is watered automatically anytime when needed.

In the property there is also a lake and the beach is covered in sand delivered from the Caribbean every year.

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