These are the 18 Richest People in Europe. See how they Gathered their Fortune!

These are the 18 Richest People in Europe. See how they Gathered their Fortune!

One of the world’s wealthiest persons was born and lives in Europe. This is Spaniard Amancio Ortega, who is the founder of fashion giant Inditex. Business Insider arrays 17 more of the most affluent Europeans by countries in its classification, which was created on the basis of data from Forbes.

The Billionaires are arranged by the size of their net worth. Here they are:

18. Ion Tiriac, Romania: USD 1 billion dollars.
He gathered his riches after 1989 following a series of investments in banking and insurance sphere, as well as in commerce.

17. Tatiana Casiraghi, Monaco 2.3 billion dollars.
She inherited her huge fortune from her grandfather, who sold his brewery Bavaria in 2005. She is married to prince Andrea Casiraghi.

16. Antti Herlin, Finland; 3.6 billion dollars.

He is an important person in production of lifts and escalators.

15. Dominika and Sebastian Kulczyk, Poland; 3.6 billion dollars.

They are a brother and sister pair and share the wealth that was bequeathed to them by their father, Jan.

14. Americo Amorim, Portugal; 4.6 billion dollars.

He owns the world’s greatest cork producer – Соrtісеіrа Аmоrіm.

13. Albert Frere, Belgium; 4.6 billion dollars.
Frere is an investor who gained his wealth from steel trade in the previous century 70s.

12. Odd Reitan, Norway; 8.5 billion dollars.
Reitan gathered a solid fortune from food goods trading. He runs the biggest supermarket chain in the country – REMA 1000.

11. Ernesto Bertarelli, Switzerland; 8.5 billion dollars.
He gathered his riches from the sale of pharmaceutical company Serono, which was founded by his grandfather.

10. John Frederiksen, Cyprus; 9.9 billion dollars.
The Norway-born Frederiksen today is a citizen of Cyprus and one of the biggest tycoons in the oil industry.

9. Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken, Netherlands; 11.7 billion dollars.
She is the richest person in the European country thanks to the inherited by her beer production company Heineken.

8. Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, Denmark; 12.7 billion dollars.
Kristiansen owes her wealth to the Lego empire. He is the founder of the toy company.

7. Sri and Gopi Hindudja, Great Britain; 14.6 billion dollars.
They run the Hinduja Group conglomerate, which owns Indian automobile manufacturer Ashok Leyland.

6. Dietrich Mateschitz, Austria; 15.8 billion dollars. 
The wealthiest Austrian is founder of the energy drinks brand Red Bull.

5. Stefan Persson, Sweden; 20 billion dollars.
He is the biggest share holder in fashion industry leader H&M, which was founded by his father.

4. Georg Schaeffler, Germany; 20.1 billion dollars.
He owns 80% of industrial manufacturer Ѕсhаеfflеr Grоuр, and the rest 20% are owned by his mother.

3. Giovanni Ferrero, Italy; 24.9 billion dollars.
He is a son of Michele Ferrero who founded Ferrero – the second biggest confectionary company in Europe.

2. Liliane Bettencourt, France; 38,5 billion dollars.
She is the wealthiest woman in Europe and with her kids owns 33% of cosmetic giant L’Оrеаl.

1. Amancio Ortega71,1 billion dollars, Spain;
Ortega laid the foundations of fashion group Inditex, under whose hat are the brands Zara, Pull and Bear, Stradivarius and so on.

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