5 reasons why Far Cry 5 is shaping up to be absolutely awesome

5 reasons why Far Cry 5 is shaping up to be absolutely awesome

Far Cry 5 might seem far, far away but there is still have a lot of excitement. Set in the fictional County of Hou, Montana, you play with a sheriff’s deputy who is tasked with finishing a brutal regime spearheaded by a preacher named Joseph Seed.

Expect tons of activities, bags of liberty and, on top of that, a huge map to research. But do not let this put you off. If you are looking to purchase a 4K TV, this game may help swing it. By the previous game, you’re ready to explore the large map will — but tread with caution. It is teeming with baddies of all sizes and shapes. You’ll have an array of weapons such as such as rocket launchers, pistols, shotguns, bows, and explosives that will assist you to survive. You will have the ability to traverse the map in muscle cars, all-terrain vehicles, boats, and airplanes. The latter is the one we are most excited about as it indicates you will have the ability to parachute — not to mention participate in aerial dogfights. This lets you ‘train’ wildlife too, loyal that were unstoppable killing machines.

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The fantastic thing is that this is coming in Far Cry 5- though there will be no Saber-toothed tigers now around, sadly. Different wildlife will have unique battle patterns, strengths, and weaknesses — so you will have to pick the ideal monster for the job. Yep… for the first time in the show, you will have the ability to undertake the effort with a pal.

Co-op was a massive part of another current Ubisoft title, Ghost Recon: Wildlands. One of you can snipe, enemies, while another could get up close and personal when tackling assignments.

But Wildlands lacked a compelling story — something that the Far Cry group has ever delivered on. This should help give the advantage to it.

Oh, and you can make your character, also — sex and appearance included, naturally.

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