5 successful People who don’t read Books

5 successful People who don’t read Books

Many successful people love reading books. Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk и often share their impressions about their favorite works of literature.

USA’s Secretary of Defense James Mattis is even known for owning a huge home library.
Technological giant Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates, on his part, says he reads around 50 books per year.
But, apparently, love for literature and reading are not bound to accompany the road to success.

Here are 5 successful celebrities, presented by the Business Insider, who share that they do not devote to reading books:

Donald Trump
Unlike his predecessor, Barrack Obama, the new USA President has declared that he is not keen on reading. “I read passages, I read parts, but I don’t have the time”, Trump commented.

Brian Krzanich
Intel Executive director Brian Krzanich is also one of the overly successful people who don’t read.
“I don’t read. I don’t read books. I don’t have time”, he declared last October.

Meghan Trainor
During a 2014 interview, the young performer answered a question, related to the book 50 shades of grey. “I don’t read books”, she stated at the time.

Kanye West
The popular Singer keeps books from himself even though he can boast to being a co-author of one. “I’m not a fan of books. I’m a proud non-reader”.

Fleur Pellerin
In 2014 ex-Minister of Culture and Communications in France declared she had not read any works of literature for the previous two years.

“I Have no problem to admit that I haven’t had time to read in the last two years “, she said during an interview for the New York Times. “I read a lot of notes and normative documents. A also read a lot of news.”

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