5 unique Billionaire’s Yachts

5 unique Billionaire’s Yachts

Traveling at sea is a great experience. Especially if it is done on your yacht: lovely, comfortable and luxurious!

And as there are not many billionaires in the world and not many can afford a yacht, Bright Side invites us to a trip on some of the most remarkable yachts in the world.


This mega yacht belongs to Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko and her name comes from the first letter in the name of the owner and her wife, Alexandra.


“А” costs over $300 million and was created by famous designer Philippe Stark.

Her length is 120 meters, she has 3 swimming pools, one of which with a transparent bottom, simultaneously being the roof of the discotheque that is beneath.

“Maltese falcon”

High-velocity yacht “Maltese falcon” resembles XVIII century pirate ship, but in reality she has modern and „smart“ equipment and can be run by only one man.

Maltese falcon

Here guests can take advantage of many different kinds of entertainment – water ski, boats and scooters, enjoy a movie night on the deck with a cocktail. And all this for “only” $400,000 per week.

“Streets of Monaco”

This yacht is still just a project and if some rich man settles on finishing her, she will be the most incredible boat that existed ever.

Streets of Monaco

For the purpose they will need 1.1 billion dollars.

The mega yacht unites Monaco’s most famous landmarks: from the famous casino to the Formula 1 circuit.


In 2013 “Аzzam” was the biggest yacht in the world with her length of 180 meters.

Rumor has it her owner has Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahayan – the president of the United Arab Emirates.

The yacht has a helicopter and submarines onboard and is serviced by 500 people.


She has a capacity for enough fuel to go around the world without having to stop at some port.

By the way, the president himself lives opulently and is famous for his great gestures: when he was elected as president, he raised all citizens’ salaries by 100%.


Jazz, the beautiful yacht looks like a fast and gracious sea animal.

She was projected by Zaha Hadid and is the dream of billionaires and film stars.


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