6 rules about cooking bacon which everyone should know

6 rules about cooking bacon which everyone should know

It is hardly surprising that bacon has won the title of the most enticing deli meat. We must admit – the moment the delicious smell of bacon sails over to us, we feel immediately hungry. Meats low in fat should always be cooked with a little bacon added, because bacon brings in flavour and makes the dish twice as tasty. But there are some secrets to take into account before we drop bacon into the pan. Here they are, without further delay:

1. The best way to cook bacon is in the oven. This allows cooking it in greater amounts (if we need to). And it is also the cleanest way.

2. If you insist on frying the bacon, use a pan slightly deeper than usual, and add some water. This will form a crunchy crust and the bacon will not be overcooked or burnt.


3. If you are late with breakfast and need to act fast, bacon can be cooked in a microwave too. But you must know that he result is much crunchier, so we recommend this kind of cooking only if you prefer bacon this way.

4. Bacon is good for the pan itself. It helps preserve the coating, did you know that? Surprise!


5. The fat remaining after cooking bacon is just perfect for popcorn, so don’t throw it away. Just add it to home-made popcorn.

6. You can keep bacon in the freezer. Otherwse, it will go bad after a couple of days. Cut it into portions beforehand – it saves effort defrosting and cooking it afterwards.

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