6 Things you need to know about Direct Women before Dating Men!

6 Things you need to know about Direct Women before Dating Men!

Being a woman, who says things directly, goes together with plenty of trouble but it’s worth it. We, frank women, fight against everything life brings us in all its manifestations. We have fun, and sometimes walk on the edge, but all this makes us even more attractive.

Dating such a woman is difficult but the world will become a better place to live if you simply try to attract this. Because we… shine. Starting a relationship with a direct woman means your bond will grow stronger with every piece of truth with which she will punch you in the face.
However, there are several things you should know before dating such a woman. What is typical about that kind of women?

1. They have very low tolerance to your silly games.
Direct women don’t want games and lies in their lives. They hate to be deceived or played around with. So, you must tell them the truth and nothing but the truth, no matter what. Otherwise, you may take some undesired consequences.

2. They hate excuses.
Don’t even try to make excuses; just admit you have committed a mistake. Naturally, they are going to be furious, but they won’t destroy you. If you start coming up with excuses, however, this might as well happen. So, just be honest, admit your mistake and make an apology.

3. They are fearless.

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They are, literally, afraid of nothing. If we talk about scare, then they are the scary ones. Nothing can ever bring them down. So, they don’t need to be afraid of anything.

4. They are brave and don’t even care at all what other people might think.
They are not afraid to talk about themselves or something they have done. In fact, it is exactly on the contrary. They enjoy doing it and don’t care about the opinion of other people, just because they are not interested in it. And if someone doesn’t like what they do, these women just show the way.

5. If someone is trying to bring them down, they very well know how to put them where they belong.
You need to watch your mouth when talking to them. If they don’t like what goes out of your tongue or feel that somehow you try to test her, they will make you sorry you even thought of doing it. They are really self confident.

6. They never take their words back.
They never take an idea or opinion back in their argumentation. They stand behind their every word until the very end.

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