7 Functions of your Phone, that you surely don’t use

7 Functions of your Phone, that you surely don’t use

We call the other side of the world, we send messages to all of our friends for less than a second, we find any information that we need – this is a lot but not everything that our phones can do.

We present to you 7 tricks that can make your phone in a few very different things than what it already is.

Turn your phone in an eavesdropping device

With the help of some easy manipulations which by the virtue of all-natural laws can turn your phone in a real snoop or mini-monitor.

The working principle of such a mechanism is extremely simple. You just have to leave your phone in the preferred place, set up the automatic response option and then you call yourself and listen from distance.

7 Functions of Your Phone

Locking the phone

Yes, this function can be useful for you. For example, if your phone is stolen and you don’t want it to be used by the thief.

It is a fact that every phone has a serial number, composed of 15 digits.

You can just call the operator to tell you this serial number and your phone is now off forever. By the way, if we begin using this secret, there is no point the thieves to do it.

We advise you to find your serial number right now, just by entering this simple combination – * # 06 #.

7 Functions of Your Phone1

Make a microscope

It is unbelievable that it is not necessary to spend lots of money on expensive equipment to zoom in to the smallest details of the world.

With the help of a small objective which you can find in any laser pointer and mobile phone, you can create very zoomed pictures easy and interesting.

Take out the small objects from the laser pointer and fix it to the camera of your phone. This way you will get the microscope’s effect.

7 Functions of Your Phone

Pictures under the water

Even in our high-tech world, not every phones have this function. However, with the help of any phone you can create high-quality pictures under the water.


You just need a cover made from polythene, which you can create for just 2 minutes.

7 Functions of Your Phone3

Control for face-recognizing!

Every smartphone has a function, to which for some reason many users don’t pay attention.

After Face Unlock, the function is far more reliable.

To allow face-recognizing of the phone owner, go to lock settings, find ‘security’ and choose the desired function.

7 Functions of Your Phone4

Creating a hologram

The details about creating a hologram you can see this video :

Extend the life of your favorite phone

It is normal that with time the jack in the bottom part of the phone gets dirty.

This is one of the reasons for faults in the machine.

To prevent this it is recommended to use one elementary method for cleaning: use a medical syringe and put in the air.

The power of the airflow will take out all of the dirt.

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