7 Ways of Becoming more Prolific

7 Ways of Becoming more Prolific

Look at a few useful ideas

Our daily lives are full of constant distractions – emails, text messages, meetings, colleagues in need and this goes on to eternity.

Here are some ideas which can help us become more prolific.

Defining enough time

Parkinson’s law postulates that work expands to fill the time available for doing it нараства, It may prove as a useful step if you ask yourself the question: „If I focus on this assignment and nothing else how much would it take?“.

Start from the small thing

In correspondence with Zeigarnik’s effect, breaking the assignment you are facing to its smaller components and taking on the first step, you will make it much easier for you.

Think about it, what sounds more inviting to action: „I must write 600 words in an hour“ or „I have to write 100 words in 10 minutes“?

Brain bin

This is a technique with which we imagine how certain thoughts go in a so-called “thoughts recycle bin” due to which the brain realizes it doesn’t have to constantly return to these thoughts and distract itself with them all the time.

Don’t forget to eat

You shouldn’t ignore your body’s needs.

Meditation Many researches confirm the positive effect that meditation has on our ability to concentrate and keep the focus on the present.


After each period write down the actions you have completed.

Mark the time you have spent on them in one color, and the things you have done in another one.

This will allow you to give an objective estimation of the things you have done.

Pomodoro technique

This technique suggests taking turns in periods of intensive work and regular breaks.

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