AC Cobra reborn into a new Version with a V8 and 550 hp

AC Cobra reborn into a new Version with a V8 and 550 hp

The legendary racing car of the ’60s, created by Carroll Shelby to compete with Ferrari on the racing track, will be back on the production line in 2017. Based on the original Cobra Mk4 design, the new car Cobra will offer an option of two 6.2-liter V8 engines: a 440hp atmospheric one and a 550hp one with a mechanical compressor.

Contrary to expectations, both versions will get an ECU, a modern gearbox, power-assisted steering, and power brakes, as well as optional air-conditioning.

All this aims to make the car more usable and reliable, but at the same time the manufacturer has taken care to preserve the character of the original model.

“This is a quasi-modern car, you can use it every day, if you like”, said Alan Lubinsky, the owner of AC Cars. “There are a lot of improvements, but what is below – that is, the chassis and the surrounding mechanics – are the same, only slightly modernized.”

The first cars will be made for European clients; the production process has already begun, and deliveries are expected in February or March 2017.

As for the States, it is necessary to first finalize bills to start sales there, too; in the USA, the car will be sold under the name of Autokraft MkIV Classic. Hong Kong and China are also among the confirmed future markets, but the first cars will be delivered in Europe.

Prices vary depending on each client’s preferences but are expected to revolve around 100 000 euros.

The production of 378 will not be restricted to a limited number of cars; a more affordable Cobra model is expected to appear soon. “We are already working on another car that will be much better for more people.”

The 378 in the name of the new car comes to signify the engine’s cubic capacity, and this car appears after AC produced nine cars with the same specifications as the original, each at a price under 500 000 euro!

They were created after the first produced AC Cobra of 1962 was sold at an auction earlier in 2016 at the price of 12 500 000 euro, making it the most expensive British-made car ever sold.

With its classical sexy silhouette and nostalgic flashbacks into its history, the AC Cobra is a fantastic toy for grown-up boys; and with a V8 under the hood and over 500hp, it promises a smile a meter… Oops, we are getting lost in dreams!

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