Addicted to your Smartphone? Here’s a way to solve your problem!

Addicted to your Smartphone? Here’s a way to solve your problem!

If you are suffering from a genuine smartphone addiction and keep checking it every few minutes with no reason, it is time you did something about it.

The internet site LifeHacker offers some advice on how to effectively help yourself.

In a video published on the site, Dr, James Hamblin explains how to get rid of this harmful habit.

He recommends lowering the screen’s brightness to a minimum, or even making the screen black-and-white if the phone has that function.

He makes an analogy with bees; he says that humans, just like bees, are attracted to bright colors, which capture and keep their attention, especially red.

Dr. Hamblin claims that if the display is simply black-and-white, this reduces the pleasure we get from aimlessly browsing through the colorful icons of the mobile apps.

This is easy to do with the iPhone. From the start menu, go to Settings, then to General, Accessibility, display settings, color filters option. There you can select the Greyscale screen option.

It is a slightly more complicated process with Android. You’ll need to go to Settings and then to the About phone option.

Then, you’ll have to tap the build number several times, until the Developer mode is unlocked.

Then you go back to Settings, select Developer options, Simulate color-space, and Monochromacy.

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