Angelina Jolie twists around Arab Billionaire

Angelina Jolie twists around Arab Billionaire

Angelina Jolie’s attempt to take her children away from Brad Pitt, because of accusations in drunkenness, soft drugs use, and beating, have run upon the rocks.

After the case was reviewed, FBI servants went to the conclusion that the divorce of the couple is not connected with criminal cases.

Executive of the FBI reported that all the facts were gathered, but as regards the actions of Brad Pitt, a criminal record was not stated.

Before that it came to light that Brad Pitt went under tests for analysis which proved that in the day of the conflict there were no trails of alcohol and drugs in his blood.

At the same time Angelina nervously stated she doesn’t intend to cooperate with the law enforcement.

The real sensation is the disclosure that the reason for Brangelina’s divorce is not because Pit cheated on her many times (which are still unproven ), but the very real Jolie’s cheating.

It became famous that the actress was in a very intimate relationship with an Arab billionaire, who sponsored her charitable missions in the third world – which are her way to the upcoming political career, for which she is preparing. This financial sponsor of her and a sexual partner went to Oxford.

As it is said, there is nothing new under the sun. Angelina receives money and returns the favor with her body.

But, of course, it is doubtful that someone will openly day that she is doing the most ancient profession – just on a higher level and for more money.

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