Apple with New iPhone 9 Vision

Apple with New iPhone 9 Vision

Rumors between the nine have begun trickling in even though we’re a couple of months removed from the iPhone 8 launch.

Referring to the 2018 iPhone model of Apple, a new report by The Korea Economic Daily (KED) relays that Apple has tapped LG to be the battery supplier to the 9.

As the report notes, the choice of Apple here represents a departure from the traditional operating strategy of the company.

Specifically, Apple frequently likes to use a multitude of suppliers for different iPhone components, a strategy that helps while offering a hedge against any technical or manufacturing barriers it secures pricing.

The report adds that the battery of the nine will be L-shaped, a design that is said to be made in the interest of optimizing the interior space – a feat that is increasingly challenging with every subsequent release of the iPhone.

The battery which LG Chem will provide into the iPhone 9 is an “L-shape” battery, that is bent to the right in the bottom.

Apple has customized it to take advantage of the space on the right of this iPhone which has evolved from the development of component integration technologies.

iPhone 9 Vision1

Incidentally, we have also viewed rumblings that the battery Apple’s flagship iPhone 8 might also feature an L-shaped battery.

Brought to the surface this past February, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that was reputed a few months back said that the iPhone 8 would incorporate a stacked logic board design that will enable for a larger battery, as evidenced by the illustration below.

As a point of view, the iPhone 7 Plus may support 13 hours of LTE surfing, 15 hours of Wi-Fi surfing, or 60 hours of wireless sound playback on one charge.

If the iPhone 8 can exceed these metrics in a relatively compact create a factor, it would serve as yet new selling point on a device.

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