Bentley showed the Interior of their Luxury hotel Rooms

Bentley showed the Interior of their Luxury hotel Rooms

Bentley presented photographs of their luxury rooms and apartments at the St. Regis hotel chain.

The car manufacturer and the Starwood hotels & resorts chain, who owns the St. Regis sites, began a joint venture in 2012.

Consequently, the hotel chain was taken over by Marriott International, and at present Bentley are providing the hotels’ guests with their Flying Spur car pool.

1. In New York there is a Bentey room in St Regis, where they charge you a fee of $10 500.


The room has an area of 160 sq.m. and is situated on the 15th floor.

The space has been subdivided into a bedroom area, master bathroom, a smaller bathroom, a foyer and dining room.


A butler takes care of the premises, and champagne is stored in a special cool bar.

The windows offer a view over Central Park and Fifth Avenue.

This is the first room that Bentley helped develop, and it was officially opened in September 2012.


2. The second Bentley room in the St Regis chain is in Istanbul. It also has breathtaking views over the legendary city. A night’s stay here costs $5601.


The suite’s design is by Turkish architet Emre Arolat and recreates the features of the Art Deco era.


The suite has a sitting room, foyer, closet, bathroom and bedroom, and takes up the whole 4th floor of the hotel.


The bathroom is quite spacious and has a bathtub and a shower cabin.


One of the most inriguing appliances in the suite is the champagne cooler, hidden in a special compartment within the leather armchairs.

3. Bentley Suite in St Regis – Dubai is the third Bentley luxury hotel suite. Guests are charged $6806 per night.


The suite has a dining room large enough to seat 10 people.


In a special, separate reading room there is a bookcase with Bentley models along its shelves.


The suite’s total area is 185 sq.m. and it is on the fourth floor.


In the huge sitting room there are 4 clocks, showing the time in different time zones.


This is the latest addition to the Bentley collection. The suite opened in May and is serviced by a butler.


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