The Biggest Pearl in the world

The Biggest Pearl in the world

Pearls have adorned the female half of the world’s necks and wrists for centuries. As one of the oldest types of ornaments, they are symbols of classical elegance and social status.

According to jewelry designer Theresa Bruno, a woman with pearls is a woman with power.

Coco Chanel, Jackie Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Michel Obama are all fans of the refined accessory.


It may be an irony of fate that until recently the owner of the most expensive pearl in the world was not some high profile lady, but a poor Filipino sailor.

For 10 years, the man, known to nobody, kept under his bed a 34-kilogram jewel, not even taking into account its 100 million dollar value.

The treasure got into the sailor’s hands during fishing when his anchor got stuck under a shell of extraordinary size.

Initially taking his discovery as a talisman, the superstitious Filipino felt forced to hand it to the authorities after his home was destroyed by fire.


5 times bigger than the hitherto record (the so-called Pearl of Allah), the gigantic pearl will be preserved intact as a tourist attraction at the territory of the Philippines.

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