Billion Dollars Worth Treasure Found on Sea Bottom

Billion Dollars Worth Treasure Found on Sea Bottom

Three countries in a fight because of the ownership of “sank treasure” from the “San Jose” galleon.

A Spanish galleon, which had been carrying billion dollars worth fortune, was found on the sea bottom near Colombia. “San Jose” had been lurking there for more than three centuries, sources from the office of Colombia’s president announced, without revealing the exact location of the ship.

“San Jose” vanished in the seas of the Caribbean in 1708 after a battle with a vessel from the English fleet. The galleon had been travelling to Spain and on its board there were precious gems, golden and silver coins, evaluated at between 4 to 17 billion dollars. There were 600 passengers too, whose fate remained unknown. It still lies in mystery what exactly happened on the fatal day. Archeologists hope that studying the remnants will cast a certain light on the San Jose’s fortunes.

At the moment, on the sea bottom lie parts of the hull with bronze cannons, weaponry, porcelain and ceramic dishes, as well as the whole treasure.

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Interestingly, the location of San Jose may have been known ever since the late 80s, but there is an argument about the ownership of the “sunk treasure” between Colombia’s government and a USA-based company, which is engaged in searching objects on sea bottom.

Americans claim that found the galleon back in 1981 and are bound to half the valuables’ worth. Colombian government, however, calls upon its judiciary system, according to which they don’t owe anything to anybody.

Following Colombian Presidential Administration’s announcement, Spain is planning to join the argument, CNN claims, as actually the ship is theirs.

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