BlackBerry will Help Ford launch its Self-Driving Cars

BlackBerry will Help Ford launch its Self-Driving Cars

The company will begin testing its technology in Europe in 2017.

Canadian-based BlackBerry is going to assist Ford in designing driverless cars.

The technology will be tested in Ontario, Canada. The agreement includes the safety software QNX.

Ford will use the QNX Neutrino RTOS, the Certicom technology, as well as the QNX virtual machine and audio-signal processing system.

“The future of self-driving cars lies in the intelligent systems they incorporate.

We believe that our experience in developing such systems and our safety software makes us one of the preferred suppliers of software products for smart cars”, said BlackBerry CEO John Chen.

Ford also shared that their driverless cars are expected to be tested in Europe in 2017.

The company says this is an important stage in their technology development, as traffic signs and rules in EU countries are different from those in the US.

At the moment, Ford has 30 self-driving cars, and in 2017 the company will release a total of 100 car models on the roads of the USA, Canada, and Europe.

The car manufacturer aims to offer self-driving taxi cabs in 2021, which, like the Google project, will have neither steering wheel nor pedals.

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