Bond Movie with the new Release Date

Bond Movie with the new Release Date

The next Bond movie — what will be its 25th — is locked in with a release date: November 8, 2019, although it has been a bumpy ride.

Great! All they want is a script, a story, a manager, a Bond woman, a Bond villain and possibly even a Bond.

Technically, Daniel Craig has not yet officially signed back upon for the function, of which he said he’d “rather slash [his wrists” than play.

He’s cooled out, in the way of someone who’s been deprogrammed in a seedy motel throughout a long weekend. Sources say he’s had 1 of his characteristic changes of heart, claiming he’d do it.

Whether Craig will return looking detached-bordering-on-mannequin, à la Sean Connery in “Diamonds Are Forever.”

Where the first movie 007 returned to the role after bequeathing it to George Lazenby for the one-off “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” And usually looked like he was mentally counting his sizeable paycheck at each moment — remains to be viewed.

Craig has always been above this fun-dumb franchise, even if it turned into a gritty semi-reboot that, at least in “Casino Royale,” featured not one silly gadget or gizmo, nor even much martini drinking.

He’s a serious actor, which we don’t mean as an affront that is anti-elitist. He’s so serious about his craft that viewers and gleefully cut can see him.

In Steven Soderbergh’s first post-retirement movie, the heist comedy “Lucky Logan,” James Bond gets to act like a complete goofball on screens for the first time.

He rocks dye-blonde hair and a nasal Foghorn Leghorn accent; he gets to announce the word “naked” as “naked.”

So this one, a bit rushed or not, will be good.

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