Britney Spears wants Brad Pitt

Britney Spears wants Brad Pitt

Shortly before the announcement of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce, Britney Spears admitted she is not doing well in her intimate life, she can’t find her perfect match and suffers from that – but she can’t understand why it is like that.

And when Brangelina’s divorce became the biggest news in the pages of the scandal newspapers, Britney made a sensation with her confession that she was always in love with Brad Pitt and now she has the chance to take him.

No, this thing with the chance of taking him, she didn’t say openly, but the hint was clear.

Here, we mustn’t forget that Britney has a rival for Brad Pitt’s heart, in the face of Ben Affleck’s ex-wife – Jennifer Garner.

She was exactly the one, who overran Britney with a day or two when she said publicly in front of the pursuing her journalists that she already had a relationship with Brad Pitt.

No one was able to tell if this is a joke or a tossed ‘’information leak’’ for the yellow tabloids- because Garner is famous with her dislike of the paparazzi press, which don’t miss a day to write some unreal and sensational stories.

Unfortunately, independently that around Brat Pitt immediately a lot of beautiful and famous in the whole world ladies appeared, he is still In a too bad mood to pay attention to them.

The actor even admitted in front of his friends that it is doubtful he will get married ever again because till now it didn’t bring anything good.

By the way, these kinds of outpourings will hardly touch Jennifer Garner and Britney Spears – if their statements spill hidden intentions.

They are not so hidden, especially for Britney, who is hopeful for the development.

Also, Brad needs a gentle consolation now, right? And the women rarely miss such moments.

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