The Bugatti Chiron Supercar in the death valley

The Bugatti Chiron Supercar in the death valley

After being officially presented during the Geneva Motor Show last March, Bugatti Chiron underwent continual development, and a basic part of this was the intensive tests at extreme heat conditions in the well-known Death Valley in Nevada.

To realize the perfect development program for Chiron, Bugatti sent out 30 cars for road testing, aiming to make precise adjustments and guarantee unique reliability to the car’s future owners.

Among all other trials and tests the engineers ran, there came a month’s testing in the Death Valley, where 4 test cars covered distances of no less than 35 000 kilometers at 51.5 degrees Centigrade.

The result – today Chiron is one of the world’s most successful supercars, offering the amazing specifications of 1500 hp and 1600 Hm coming from its Biturbo W16 engine with 420 kph maximum speed, and its 2.5 seconds 0-100-kph acceleration time.

200 of the 500 planned Bugatti Chiron cars have already been ordered so far by the brand’s clients, netting 2.4 million euros before tax.

As we know, in 10 years Bugatti sold 450 copies of Veyron, Chiron’s predecessor, reminds Auto Motor und Sport.

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