Buying a new Car? Choose feng shui to Select your Success Color

Buying a new Car? Choose feng shui to Select your Success Color

With September’s arrival comes the yearly car-buying season. While picking the type of car comes conveniently to lots of people, choosing the color of a car could be a roadblock. Some people just choose their preferred color, while others mull over color selections by thinking about factors such as environment, sort of automobile use, or one of the most practical choices, going with what is least most likely to show dust.

But what if also that stops working?

After that try feng shui. Yes, feng shui, the Chinese overview made use of for arranging houses as well as workplaces, could additionally be used for selecting colors based on a person’s very own individual feng shui.

According to personal feng shui, each person has a private feng shui number that is based on gender as well as the day of birth.

This number additionally called a “Kua” number is associated with a color.

By selecting the proper color for a person’s certain feng shui number, the vehicle driver will experience much better good luck overall since the color is integrated with that individual.

Use individual feng shui to select a “success” color, which can be useful when buying that deluxe car. Much more into soccer practice compared to boardrooms?

Select a “family” color. Both shades are established by the vehicle driver’s Kua number.

To figure out the motorist’s Kua number, and consequently, the color of the car that is proper, use the instructions below then inspect the graph that follows for picking a successor family member's color.

Currently, that should own the Mary Kay pink Cadillacs? Any individual with a number 3 Kua number!
The calculation is as complies with:

  • Take the year of birth, i.e., 1971
  • Add the last two years with each other (7 +1= 8).

For males, subtract the number from 10 (10-8 +2); 2 is the Kua number.
For ladies, include 5 to the number (5 +8= 13; 1 +3= 4); 4 is the kua number.
For many years such as 1982 which has a double-digit, be sure to lower to one number.
8 +2= 10 (1 +0= 1).
10-1= 9 (Kua for men).
5 +1= 6 (Kua for ladies).

Kua Numbers:

  1. Money/Success Colors: Green, Purple.
    Household Colors: Red, Purple, Burgundy.
  2. Money/Success Colors: Yellow, Brown, Beige.
    Family Colors: Silver, Gold, White, Pearl.
  3. Money/Success Colors: Red, Pink, Burgundy.
    Family Color: Green.
  4. Money/Success Colors: Blue, Black, Purple.
    Household Colors: Dark Green, Brown.
  5. Money/Success Colors: Yellow, Brown, Beige.
    Family Colors: Gray, Silver, Gold, White.
  6. Money/Success Colors: Gray, Silver, White.
    Household Colors: Yellow, Brown, Beige.
  7. Money/Success Colors: Gold, Silver, White/Pearl.
    Family members Colors: Yellow, Brown, Beige.
  8. Money/Success Colors: Yellow, Brown, Beige.
    Household Colors: Gold, Silver, Gray, White.
  9. Money/Success Colors: Color Dark Green, Brown.
    Family Colors: Blue, Black, Purple.
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