Comic-Con Officially announced Wonder Woman 2

Comic-Con Officially announced Wonder Woman 2

Warner Bros. officially Declared Wonder Woman Two in San Diego’s Comic-Con.

The news should not come as a surprise. Wonder Woman remains in the top 10 in the box office.

This is the biggest DCEU’s success thus far, grossing around $770 million as of this writing and still climbing.

Along with it being the DCEU’s biggest success, it is also officially the largest movie in this summer. While the sequel was published, there was no more info given about the job.

There was no statement of Patty Jenkins returning or annually for release. The message was made at Comic-Con, and the information comes to us courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Still, the statement was made before the Warner Bros. Geoff Johns who disclosed in an interview. He was now writing a script for Wonder Woman two he reportedly just completed. As obvious as the choice is, it’s wonderful to finally have official word from 2 sources that the sequel is indeed happening.

Patty Jenkins is supposed to return, but no official word has been declared at present since she signed a one-movie thing.

But we know Jenkins talked about the original Wonder Woman.

TV’s Linda Carter about the prospect of a cameo and we know that Patty Jenkins has some ideas about where to take the character of continuation.

Moreover, Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor is reportedly set to return. even though it’s unclear what will happen after the occurrence of the first movie.

The next time we see Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman will be in November.

Justice League officially hits theaters, but it is a mystery once we’ll see her next after that.

When we do see her, she’ll have some rather fat pockets. Jeff Jones recently revealed that Whedon would begin work on Batgirl next year, which might set the release date of the Wonder Woman series.

There we have it: Wonder Woman 2 is officially happening. We only don’t know when or if Patty Jenkins is officially on board, but it’s safe to assume that she will be.

The one thing that could stop her from directing the sequel is some crazy contract dispute, and one can’t see that happening. Jenkins and Gadot made a compelling, emotional origin story.

The Story has resonated with fans throughout the world captivating Wonder Woman’s popularity for a whole new generation.

Until then maybe go check out Wonder Woman again on the big screen since it may be a while before we see her in her movie.

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