David and Victoria Beckham are preparing for a new addition

David and Victoria Beckham are preparing for a new addition

David and Victoria Beckham are getting ready for a new addition. The family is preparing for a new surprise, but, no, this time it won’t be another family heir.

The surprise is material and very much desired by them. The popular family is going to buy a new estate in one of the most prestigious areas of LA.

The couple already have e splendid home there, but when they bought it in 2007, the house, which has 9 bedrooms, and an entire tennis court, seemed enough for them.

At the time their children were still young and the situation now is quite different, sources close to the family comment.

Now that the family’s boys have grown up, they play football more often and the absence of football pitch reflects them badly.

The children want to use something for football games and they are forced to go to neighbors’ places. For instance, one of them is star singer Elton John.

That’s why now David Beckham and Victoria are going to sell their £14-million estate.

Once purchased, today they are trying to get the double price out of it. They wish to receive £24 million for their huge house in LA.

It’s one of the most palatable places to live in the USA, and in the world, and with so many star neighbors around the Beckhams.

Besides, after the couple has sold their estate, they are going to buy an even bigger house for living and rest, again in LA, sources from the worldly publication ‘Eva’ comment.

This time, they are going to look for a home with a big courtyard for games.

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