Do you Admit your Mistakes

Do you Admit your Mistakes

We all make mistakes in life, or suffer failures. But few of us admit it…

Yet, frankness and modesty can get us much further ahead than we’ve ever dreamed.

One of the best ways to approach a challenging situation or a failure is to accept what happened, admit our mistake and apologise.

“Try it – all you could lose is a little bit of your ego”, says coach Marla Tabaka in an article for This is what she advises us to do:

1. Apologise. This reduces the levels of resistance and anger in the other person. After an apology the tension should subside and you conversation might turn out to be more productive.

2. Admit your mistake. This has a cleansing and relieving effect. Do not waste time finding excuses; just say you were wrong this one time and keep going.

3. Look for help. Accept the fact that you cannot manage everything. Great entrepreneurs surround themselves with people who are more competent than they are in certain areas. Expert support can save frequent disappointment and valuable time.

4. Admit your ignorance. If you think you are supposed to know each and every answer, you are wrong. Even experts do not know everything. Do not hesitate to openly admit it when there is somethimg you have no idea about. This is the way to learn and grow.

If not, try – all you could lose is a little bit of your ego!

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