Drinking alcohol after learning can help make better sense of information

Drinking alcohol after learning can help make better sense of information

A new study conducted by the University of Exeter, U.K., says that consuming alcohol enhances memory for info which is discovered before starting the drinking incident. This study, published on in the Nature journal Scientific Reports, registered 88 drinkers — 31 men and 57 females — that were in the age range of 18 — 53 decades.

The participants, after finishing a word learning task, were randomly classified into two groups and were asked to drink alcohol as much as they enjoyed, or entirely avoid drinking it. For those who drank alcohol, a mean of 4 units was supplied. The following day the task was repeated, and it was concluded that those who consumed alcohol could remember what they had learned before drinking more.

The researchers of this study want to stress this disgusting positive impact of alcohol and state that this should be taken into consideration together with the deep-rooted negative effects of the excessive alcohol intake on memory, in addition to psychological and physical health.

Professor Celia Morgan, from the University of Exeter, said: “Our study not only revealed that those who drank alcohol did better when replicating the word-learning endeavor, but this effect was stronger among those who drank more.”

Although this effect was shown under laboratory circumstances previously, this study is still the first to check the same in a natural setting, where all the participants involved drank at their houses.
This task Following are the same methods as the initial ones, which include two consecutive drinking days. The effects of this study did not make any difference in memory performance.

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