Every Electron is the same Electronic

Every Electron is the same Electronic

Below’s a concern you’ve possibly never thought about: Why are all electrons the same?

Every electron in the universe has the same mass, precisely the same charge, and if you consider it, there’s no reason why they ‘d need to be.

In 1940, physicist John Wheeler came up with a brand-new novel theory that might describe why all electrons are identical. According to him, the reason that every electron coincides is that every electron is the same electron.

There’s a great deal of difficult physics entailed, but put simply: It may be feasible that every electron in the universe coincides electron, jumping backward as well as ahead in time.

Equally, as an electron could be jumped about precede when struck with light, there might be a way to jump an electron backward in time.

If that’s the situation, then there’s one more repercussion of this concept: Electrons moving backward in time are positrons, the antimatter part of electrons. Not only are all electrons the same electron, however, all positions are likewise the very same electron moving backward.

This is an interesting suggestion, yet it’s much from showing.

There are lots of problems, such as why there are so many more electrons than positrons or why there’re many electrons there are.

If a single electron can jump in reverse as well as forward with time permanently, why aren’t there an unlimited number of electrons?

But if it is true, what else might it indicate?

Maybe each fragment, from protons to neutrons to individual particles like neutrinos, is all simply one bit recuperating as well as forth through time.

That would certainly imply that not only are we all constructed from the same sort of stuff, however, in fact, but each of us is also used simply one proton, electron, and neutron.

It might not be true at all, but what if it is?

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