Evidence found for the Lost Continent

Evidence found for the Lost Continent

Scientists have found a piece which was detached from the Gondwana continent more than 20 million years ago. The piece of land is located under the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. The fragment was broken off the island of Madagascar when Africa, India, Australia and the Antarctic got torn away and formed the ocean between them.

This was written by leading scientific research author изследване Lewis Ashwal, professor at the Wits University in South Africa.

After its separation from Gondwana, the piece of crust was buried under lava due to volcanic activity on the island. Studying the presence of mineral zircon in the stones of island of Mauritius, scientists determined that they are much older than the island itself.

Earth consists of two parts – continents which are very old – and oceans which are young. Many stones and rock formations aged over 4 billion years can be found on the continents. There are no such structures in the oceans as new stone formations form in them.

Mauritius is an island and there no rocks on it which are older than 9 million years. Despite that, studying the mineral zircon.

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