The Fastest and most Powerful Car produced in Singapore

The Fastest and most Powerful Car produced in Singapore

An Electric Supercar this is how the miracle, with which Singapore is trying to get involved in the fast-growing market of electric cars, defined. It is called Dendrobium – named after a kind of Singaporean orchid – and is an ambitious project, which promises 1500 horsepowers, 4000 Nm rotational torque, and acceleration from 0 to 100 km per hour in 2,6 seconds.

The “hyper car’s” creator is Vanda Electric, and the engineering team of Williams took part in the development.

“Dеndrоbіum” is projected to carry 90-100 kW-H batteries, which gives it a run of 400 km.

For Singapore, that is more than enough – it allows the car to cross throughout its home country around eight times.

The same number applies to the maximum speed – if the pedal is pressed to the bottom on a straight edge, the hypercar may fly with 400 km ph. Acceleration to 100 km ph gets in only 2,6 seconds.

London design company EPTA is author of the appearance – it drew a frowning, eye-grabbing body of carbon and aluminum, which impresses with the front grid in Formula 1 style.

Outside design is interesting because the spoiler starts from the arches of the rear wheels, to form an aerodynamic “tail”.

With assistance from Williams engineers, who are famous for their feats on Formula 1, Vanda promises the hypercar to handle as well as it looks, and even better.

The Singaporean manufacturer considers a limited series of the ride – with barely about ten specimens- but they also consider showing up at the car exhibition in Switzerland.

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