The first Fiche for Over Speeding in the world – for 13km/h

The first Fiche for Over Speeding in the world – for 13km/h

Today we are all watching over for cameras for over speeding and police radars, but back in the time's everything was different.

If you think that it is ridiculous to get a speeding ticket for, let’s say 60km/h ( we don’t support at all fast driving) just take a look for what was fined the first offender from this kind.

On 28 January 1896 the British Walter Arnold got caught driving like a complete madman in Kent, flying through the streets with 13km/h.

The fast walking pace is three times speeding violation of the restrictions which was 3,2km/h. Happily, the policemen didn’t leave this unpunished and Arnold was fined with 1 shilling.

This, however, wasn’t his only trespass. He also committed offenses which a person would understand only if his life was black and white – he didn’t have a horse, and also there weren’t 2 more people to control it.

The last one like that was for not having a registration plate with the name and the address of the owner.

3 years later the American sets the bar even higher. On 20 May 1899 in Manhattan, the taxi driver Jacob German reached 19,3 km/h with his electromobility.

Seeing that, a policeman on a bike caught up with him very fast. The 26 years-old German didn’t get away as lightly as his British ‘’colleague’’. Instead of giving him a ticket, the policeman sent him to jail.

So the next time you are thinking that the restriction is unduly low, think about Arnold and German and chill.

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