Five App allows sign Language Messages

Five App allows sign Language Messages

Piotr Polanski and Mateusz Mach have created an app that can send sign language messages.

The original idea was to send animated pictures showing funny hand gestures. Later, therapist Cindy Chen asked them to rework their app so that it can be useful for the hearing-impaired.

The programmers managed to raise $150 000 funding and attracted 10 000 users to give life to the present-day Five App.

Anyone can use the program, and it makes communication with hearing-impaired people much easier.

The project’s founders share that sign language is universal and comprehensible all around the world.

To send a message, you enter the text, which is then converted into animations with the necessary gestures.

The app can be installed on iOS and Android and can either operate independently or as a part of Facebook Messenger.

The little animated characters can show emotions, such as anger, disappointment, or happiness, along with hand gestures.

The system can be used for communication with disabled people live, exchanging smartphones with the message already entered.

The app works with Facebook Messenger, but it can also be used in live conversation!

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