Free internet in every city, town or village in Europe by 2020

Free internet in every city, town or village in Europe by 2020

The WiFi4EU project has a budget of 120 mln. euro.

The European Comission aims to encourage free WiFi internet access for citizens and visitors of public places such as parks, public gardens, municipal buildings, libraries, health centres and museums all over Europe through the WiFi4EU project.

The original budget of Project WiFi4EU is 120 mln euro for the 2017 – 2019 period. WiFi4EU will support installing up-to-date Wi-Fi equipment in busy public locations.

This high-speed web access can be used by residents and visitors of up to 8000 local communities, and the expected number of internet entries is estimated as up to 40-50 mln a day.

The WiFi4EU scheme will be availabe for institutions for public benefit, mainly town halls, libraries, health centres etc. The project will finance equipment and installation expences for setting up internet access points, while the local institutions are expected to pay for internet subscription and for the maintenance of the equipment.

Local authorities will be encouraged to develop and establish their own digital services such as e-government, e-healthcare and e-tourism.

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