Glove can Translate Sign Language! Is it possible?

Glove can Translate Sign Language! Is it possible?

In any language on earth, we can communicate with technologies such as Google Translate if we don’t know that language.

Two people who have common words can use the technology and keep it completely normal if the garbled conversation with one another.

That is pretty remarkable.

But there is a group of people who are left out: deaf and hard-of-hearing men and women who speak sign languages. No translation program on earth can interpret.

One group of investigators is working to change this.

That is all of the researchers have done up to now, but with a glove on each hand and a few upgraded applications, this technology should easily have the ability to interpret any ASL sign. And there is another advantage to this glove design.

The researchers assembled their prototype for less than $100, and when this layout is ever mass-produced, it is very likely to become even less expensive than that.

The investigators also consider their glove may be used in virtual reality software. Users could control objects in virtual reality with a glove that tracks their hand motion.

The researchers are hoping to build tactile feedback into a later edition of the glove.

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