Google will tell us when it is the Best Time to reserve a Plane Ticket

Google will tell us when it is the Best Time to reserve a Plane Ticket

The online search engine will warn us about changes in ticket prices.

Choosing the best moment to reserve a plane ticket is usually a tricky task.

The reason is that prices are not necessarily lower if tickets are booked way in advance; it often happens that they are cheapest immediately before the flight is scheduled to take off.

But this dilemma is about to recede into history, as Google Flight offers a new function – tracking flight ticket prices.

The search engine will warn us when prices are about to go up; it also keeps us informed about ticket price fluctuations through e-mail updates.

After selecting a flight, a notification could appear on your screen stating how long the current price will be on offer and how much you are likely to save if you book immediately.

If you need a ticket for a certain destination but are not sure about the flight yet, you will see several types of notifications offering advice on how to choose the cheapest flight.

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These could include recommendations for alternative airports or dates, or the expected price increase based on past years’ statistic data for the same route.

If you hesitate whether to reserve the ticket right away, you have the option to track prices through e-mail messages.

The app will send a notification every time a price change is expected. You will also be notified when prices do go up or down.

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