Google won a Victory over iPhone over the weekend

Google won a Victory over iPhone over the weekend

The new Google Pixel smartphone turned out to be greatly popular during the busy shopping time between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The device sales soared up by 112 percent compared to the average sales figures from the previous four weekends. This is what analysis by Localytics, presented by Fortune, claims.

This is how Google Pixel defeated the emblematic Apple iPhone, which registered a 13-percent increase in sales for the weekend.

The world’s largest smartphone producer Samsung registers a 36-percent leap in the sales of its Galaxy S7, says the Locaytics analysis. The data for the report comes from the sales of over 2.7 billion electronic devices all over the world.

The analyst company perceives the success of Google’s new device in the fact that the report data “confirm what many came to believe after the device’s market release in October – Pixel is an amazing device.”

The analyst also points out that iPhone 7 enjoyed strong demand after its market release in September and this might be the reason why fewer people are looking for a new device of the same brand.

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