Grigor is on the bronk of his patience, ditches Nicole in the eve of Christmas

Grigor is on the bronk of his patience, ditches Nicole in the eve of Christmas

The distance between Grigor Dimitrov and Nicole Scherzinger becomes bigger and bigger.

After revelations about the drunken blunders of the singer, Grigor Dimitrov is about to receive another blow from her.

As they are both far away from Bulgaria, we always get the details for the progress of their relationship from foreign media.

The couple avoids commenting on their interrelations, but they have to speak more often in singular about it.

Thus, days ago Nicole shared her plans for the Christmas holidays in an interview.

Surprisingly to many, Grigor Dimitrov was not included in them in any way.

Even though the couple is not together for one or two months, they are going to spend the auspicious days separately. And this time, it is not caused by their professional engagements, but because Scherzinger decided so!

She revealed that by tradition she is always with her family in Hawaii on Christmas and does not intend to break it this year. But, unlike last year, she never mentioned if Haskovo born Bulgarian is going to be with her or not.

Apparently, for Nicole it’s way too early to show up at her mother’s place, holding her young boyfriend by her. After her relationship with Louis Hamilton ended, the singer has been living it up.

Even though she has spoken publicly about her love for Dimitrov a few times, she does not just act as an unattached girl, but as an untied one.

As Grisho’s senior, she thinks she can do whatever she pleases and he cannot put any boundaries on her. This, however, is not at all to the tennis player’s liking, and his patience is next to extinct.

He is, by no means, pleased with the singer's independent decisions, and has decided to slightly beat the retreat on their relationship. Unlike Nicole, who is going to devote herself to Christmas parties, Grigor Dimitrov is not going home to his native Haskovo, but he’s going to encounter New Year in Australia.

At the tournament there, 12 months ago, they first appeared together as a couple, and it’s now interesting to see whether she’s going to give him support from the stands.

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