Hackers will use your brain to steal the Passwords

Hackers will use your brain to steal the Passwords

By undermining your signals, hackers can steal passwords and PINs, a study has found. Crucially, however, EEG headsets also track your brainwaves when you are not playing.

They asked 12 people to use a physical computer keyboard to form a set of randomly generated PIN numbers and passwords to your text box when wearing a headset.

“These emerging apparatus open enormous opportunities for regular users. However, they might also raise important safety and privacy threats as businesses work to develop even more innovative brain-computer port technology,” stated Nitesh Saxena, among the study’s authors.

Facebook is operating on mind-reading technologies which would let you form words “straight from your mind.”

It is an ambitious vision which has caused concern amongst privacy advocates, and the company has refused to confirm or refuse if it is going to use people’s minds to market ads.

In a cyber attack, an attacker can facilitate the training step to be the right malicious program by asking the member to enter a predetermined group of numbers to restart the game after pausing to rest, such as CAPTCHA Used to check users when signing in on sites, “Saxena added”.

The researchers have called for EEG headset makers to begin disrupting the signs when a user is logging into an account.

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