Few Myths about the Healthy Lifestyle

Few Myths about the Healthy Lifestyle

Leading an extremely healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular today - young women drink green tea, businessmen start their day with a diet breakfast (and smoke light cigarettes), even go to bed on an empty stomach, and in the morning everyone is on fitness.

Why? Because everyone is doing it!?

Yes, healthy lifestyle tips are in every magazine.

But it turns out that some recommendations are just myths.

1. Food

Sugar is fuller and sugar substitutes are not.

Sugar substitutes (xylitol, cyclamate, saccharin) also contain calories. They increase appetite and their use in large quantities can cause stomach upset. If you are not a diabetic for whom the choice between sugar and substitutes is a matter of life and death, you better not get carried away with sweeteners.

“Living” yogurt is most useful.

Only “yogurt” that is not pasteurized (ie, without heat treatment) can be considered “alive” and can be stored at low temperature for no more than a week (only in this way the bacteria remain alive). The yogurt that has been standing on supermarket shelves for weeks cannot be “alive”.

It is bad to eat at night.

When is the night coming for you

It is bad to eat two hours before bedtime because otherwise the food cannot be processed.

And if you're an owl?

Have dinner at midnight and go to bed at 2.30.

The principle is respected and you will not suffer from hunger. In any case, it is not advisable for dinner to consist of pork steak with fried potatoes - consumed even 4 hours before bedtime it will prevent good sleep and your headache is guaranteed in the morning.

Healthy food is very expensive because it is prepared according to special recipes.

The producers of low-calorie muesli, soy breads, protein shakes, etc. are trying to convince us.

The value of the starting products (grains, honey, etc.) is very low and the high price we pay, because it is much easier to open the finished product than to grow oats, grind walnuts and pass through the meat grinder three times. mashed potatoes. We pay not for utility, but for time saved.

2. Sports

Sport is healthy, the more the workouts, the better.

However, exercising more than two hours a day can wear out the joints, damage the muscles, cause cardiovascular and gastrointestinal problems, and disrupt the menstrual cycle.

The morning should start with gymnastics.

What is expected from the morning exercises? Improving physical fitness, strengthening muscles, energizing throughout the day.

The brain needs more time to wake up than the body. It is better to start the day with water treatments and after you have gotten well - move on to the exercises.

Running in clean air enhances health.

Where will you find this clean air if you run along busy and noisy boulevards?

You are breathing full breasts and your lungs are working - they absorb all the exhaust gas.

Even jogging Americans have already cooled down to this sport. It turned out that he put a lot of strain on his joints, but too little muscle. If you have found a place with fresh air, it is better to walk fast or just run fast.

3. Everything else

Light cigarettes are not that bad

They do indeed contain less resin and nicotine, but a mature smoker needs certain doses of nicotine.

He will smoke not three “normal” but 5 “light” cigarettes and “pull” deeper to “feel”. Less harmful cigarettes just don't exist!

Stress - these are the negative experiences.

Ie The news of your uncle's death in America will shorten your life, and his millions of wills will extend it to you ?!

Hardly! Strong positive experiences can shake the body as well as negative experiences and can lead to as much heart attack. It is not in vain that yogis advise not to give in to emotions, whatever they may be, and to treat everything philosophically.

A healthy lifestyle guarantees longevity.

From parts yes. But we must not forget infections, our genetics inherited from our parents.

A healthy lifestyle is not an end in itself, but rather enhances the quality of life rather than prolongs it.

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