Horrible! Vampire-Bats attack people in Brazil

Horrible! Vampire-Bats attack people in Brazil

Vampire-bats attack people in Brazil more and more often.

Most attacks take place at night when the vampires sneak into houses through holes, attacking the sleeping landlords.

The bats are most probably mutated and they assault people more and more often.

They communicate and find prey by echolocation, for which they use their big ears and fly with modified forelimbs, called wings.

When the find their targets, they use the fold on their faces, the temperature of which is normally 9 degrees lower than their body temperature.

Thanks to it, a bat sees in which body parts blood runs closest to the surface.


In order not to awaken the victim, a bat crawls towards the target, does not land on it, but opens a small wound and starts licking the flowing out blood.

The whole operation is so delicate that, in practice, the victim feels nothing.

Thanks to the anticoagulating substance in a bat’s saliva, the blood does not curdle, and it may easily feed on it for at least 30 minutes. It takes about 350 bats to suck out all the blood of a person.

The main threat from the attacks of bats on people is spreading the hydrophobia disease which is lethal if it is not treated.

So far there is no explanation why vampires, which usually prefer drinking cattle’s blood, alarmingly often throw themselves on people.

Similarly to his legendary namesakes, vampire-bats need consumption of fresh blood every 2 or 3 days. They usually prowl on warm-blooded animals, domestic mammals being their preferred victims.

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