How Internet Searches will change during the next ten years

How Internet Searches will change during the next ten years

What will happen in the technology sphere in 2017 and in the decade to come?

17 women from Microsoft’s research team are giving answers.

The greater part of their predictions concerns changes in virtual reality, machine learning, etc.

But the greatest surprise, it seems, has to do with something familiar and used every day – the search bar in internet sites and internet browsers.

In terms of virtual reality, the expected changes are improvement in old products and the development of new ones that are capable of tracking the state of human organisms.

By 2027 this technology will be so much advanced that users will get images as true-to-life as hallucinations.

Since last year there has been rapid progress in the deep learning sphere.

Deep learning makes use of huge databases which enable machines to “think” and “act” as living people, without any need for further instructions.

The expectations are that next year this technology will contribute to the improvement of internet search engines.

Microsoft experts even believe that by 2027 search boxes (or search bars) on internet sites or browsers will have completely disappeared.

They say these functions will be performed by digital assistants through voice commands. It will be possible to search for all kinds of mobile devices and even from smart household appliances.

Searches will also take into consideration the user’s location, surroundings and activities, and the results will pop up without ever having been ordered.

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