How are our genes Influenced by our way of Life

How are our genes Influenced by our way of Life

Changing our lifestyle can significantly change our genes’ activity levels. In a short TED presentation, professor Dean Ornish shares the findings of a new research, which shows how leading a healthy life can influence our bodies genetically.

When we follow a healthy routine, eat reasonably, keep our bodies fit and love more, our brain receives a greater influx of blood and more oxygen.

What is more – our brain starts to produce new brain cells. That has been scientifically proved. When we repair our lifestyle, our skin also gets more blood and the ageing slows down.

Blood rushes to the heart as well, and this can prevent the onset of cardiac diseases and even reverse cancer.

There are a number of things we can do to stimulate the formation of new brain cells, Ornish points out. Here are some of them – chocolate, tea, cranberries, moderate amounts of alcohol, stress control etc.

On the other side, this is what can make the situation worse and cause brain cell loss – saturated fats and sugar, nicotine, opiates and drugs, cocaine, too much alcohol and chronic stress.

Our genes are not our fate, and if we do make these changes, we can also change the way our genes are expressed, concludes the scientist.

Scientist Dean Ornish wth a new research to show that a healthy lifestyle can influence our genes!

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