How to Achieve deeper Satisfaction

How to Achieve deeper Satisfaction

People find it hard to give up immediate satisfaction, especially when it comes to petty choices

Each and every human being seeks satisfaction in life; few, however, know which delights should be postponed and which can be enjoyed immediately.

People find it hard to give up immediate satisfaction, especially with petty choices, says popular Indian doctor and thinker Deepak Chopra in his book “Super Genes”.

This is why we:

– eat between main meals
– indulge in alcohol abuse
– eat while watching TV
– stay home instead of taking a walk
– drop in at a fast food place
– consume too much sugar
– spend hours online instead of communicating with real people
– say things we later regret
– date unsuitable partners instead of waiting for the right one to come

People with high IQ do not rush into immediate satisfaction.

Their motivation is not (or not wholly) the idea that controlling one’s impulses is healthy; they simply feel better if they postpone pleasures till the right time for them arrives.

When they encounter a fleeting temptation, they do not say “I will give in just once.

How could this hurt me?” – which is a mere excuse. Instead, they respond by “Is this really the best I can do?

Let us wait and see.”

What can we do?

Take a close look at your life and ask yourselves – have you ever brought trouble on yourselves by opting for immediate satisfaction, Deepak Chopra advises. Is your closet spilling with clothes?

Does impulsive spending quickly leave your bank account empty? Is you freezer packed with food you never get round to eating?

If you notice problems, deal with then one by one. If you are tempted by a new pair of shoes, or an extravagant bargain such as a fully equipped fitness room that will soon be gathering dust, write down something that will bring you even greater satisfaction further on.

Instead of buying those shoes, you could save up the money for your dream vacation. Instead of equipping an expensive fitness facility, you could start tennis lessons.

You cannot fight the desire for immediate satisfaction if a postponed one does not emerge in your mind.

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