How will Humans look a thousand years from now

How will Humans look a thousand years from now

Humans will not survive a thousand more years on fragile planet Earth. This is the prediction of British physicist Stephen Hawking.

Then how can the human race survive? Futurist Juan Enriquez has summed up the possible answers in his latest TED video.

He believes it quite possible that one day life will be impossible for humans on Earth.

Five times so far has there been massive extinction of living organisms on our planet, which means that another large-scale catastrophe could be entirely possible.

Which means – we humans must search for a new home for our race. But to survive in the Universe, we will need more than just a spacesuit.

Humans will have to evolve. The human body will have to transform itself and get fit for the raw conditions on other planets.

In his video Enriquez presents the hypotheses of various scientists, which might one day contribute to humans’ survival out there in the Universe.

The futurist also dwells on the ethical dilemmas that this kind of research might sparkle.

Futurist Juan Enriquez opens the door just a crack towards the possible future of the human race.

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