IBM uses a Smartphone to Diagnose Skin cancer

IBM uses a Smartphone to Diagnose Skin cancer

IBM researchers have developed a computer system that is more effective ib diagnosing skin cancer than a dermatologist’s examination, CNN Money announced.

The technology is still new and needs more tests to prove its efficiency. But the invention forebodes one thing – soon we might be turning to computers instead of humans for a more reliable kind of health care, as CNN Money’s comment.

The IBM system used pictures of skin defects, taken with a special dermatologist’s smartphone.

The device is called Dermascope and costs $100 – 1400. Then, an IBM computer compares the image with its database of skin cancer images and estimates the probability of a melanoma.

The computer turns out to be precise – 76% precision compared to expert dermatologists’ 70%. The IBM system relies on artificial intellect for decision-making.

According to Noel Codella, scientist and initiator of the research, such instruments can significantly help doctors determine how risky skin flaws are and when to send patients into a dermatologist’s care.

Expert dermatologists are not always available and their services can be really expensive.

Codella would not reveal when the technology will be released for public use. He defined it as being still at the project and research stage.

The technology is more effective than a dermatologist consultation!

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