Kim Kardashian will appear in court

Kim Kardashian will appear in court

The American reality-star Kim Kardashian will bring to trial the owner of a media portal – Fred Mwangaguhunga because of his claims that she plotted and planned the robbery of which she was a victim in Paris – and her main goal wasn’t only advertising, ( which it is doubtful that Kardashian needs) but a large insurance fraud.

Kim doesn’t think to let these claims without an answer and she intends to clear her name from such gossips. Now, in the claim, filed in court from her lawyer Andrew Butler it is said:

“After Kim became a victim of a horrible and traumatizing armed robbery in France, she came back in the US and became a victim again – this time of accusations and gossips in tabloids, which call her a liar and a thief .”

It is been reported also that right after the article with the accusations came to light, representative of Kardashian insisted a refutation to be published – but in the redaction they refused to do it and that’s why the angry Kim decided to bring them to trial.

Let’s bring to mind that on 3rd of October in Paris 5 armed men burst into the hotel room in which Kim was sleeping at 3 o’clock during the night, they threatened her with a firearm and stole jewels for 10 million dollars. She was left tied in the bathroom

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