Need a longer life for your iPhone Battery? Here’s some advice!

Need a longer life for your iPhone Battery? Here’s some advice!

Smartphones do make our lives easier, but they do have a problem. A mobile device’s battery life is far shorter than its owner would like to see it.

iPhone fans often face this problem, but several simple tricks will prolong the time between recharging.

Here’s what Mac World magazine has to say about saving iPhone or iPad batteries.
Uninstall the Facebook app.

The largest social networking site’s app is one of the main suspects when batteries run low quickly. In a report published in February, the Guardian claims that uninstalling the Facebook app can save up to 15% of battery life.

Set brightness on low
The lighting of the smart device’s screen demands a lot of energy. Too much brightness is the largest waster of iPhone or iPad battery life.

Set to power-saving mode
This mode turns down the general power demand and helps the battery live longer. Apple claims that the new model can give the battery up to three additional hours of life.

Turn on the automatic screen lock
When the screen is on, this wastes energy. Make sure your iPhone is not “awake” at times when you don’t need it. Auto-lock is a great solution to prolong your battery’s life.

Set to airplane mode
The antenna is one element in a smartphone which greatly influences the battery life. It constantly checks for nearby cell or WiFi networks.

When you are sure you will not need your device, the airplane mode is a handy solution. It saves a lot of battery.

Turn WiFi off
If you are not going to use the internet, turning WiFi off will be good for your battery.

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