M4 GT4 appeared Camouflaged at a BMW Motorsport event

M4 GT4 appeared Camouflaged at a BMW Motorsport event

FIA’s GT4 championship is slowly turning into the next arena where car manufacturers match their engineering and designing skills.

As a clients’ championship, it is more attractive to pilots from all over the world; it is also much more easily accessible in terms of the regulations for the class of the participating cars, which ensures that participant vehicles are ostensibly closer to standard road modifications and do not require spending or resources for further development.

That is why we see ever more car manufacturers offering GT4 racing cars.

Mercedes-AMG have hinted on their GT4; Porche have had their Cayman GT4 for a long time; and McLaren, Maserati, Aston Martin, Lotus, Chevrolet, and Ford are yet several more brand names which filled up the starting grids during last season and are expected to appear in the next one too.

We should point out that the Bulgarian supercar – the Sin R1 GT4, also made an enviable debut and gave a decent performance in the championship. It was clear that, after the M3 GT4 from the previous E92 generation of the Bavarians, there would be an heir; BMW Motorsport never hesitated to announce their intentions of producing one; they declared this as early as this summer.

During the traditional end-of-year event, BMW Motorsport threw some more light on the matter by simply bringing an M4 GT4, which, even though camouflaged, came to show that developments are advancing at full speed.

Positioned between М6 GT3 and M235i, М4 GT4 will fill in the range of the German company’s clients’ racing cars, being, like its predecessor, quite close to the standard model, but equipped with a range of carbon details, a new exhaust system, and improved aerodynamics.

After development the M4 Gt4 will undergo FIA assessment to determine the way to bring its dynamic characteristics in line with those of its competitors to ensure balance in their performance.

After that it will be available to private racing teams or pilots, who want to take part in the ever-growing number of national, regional or local series, including GT4 European Series, Blancpain Endurance Series, British GT Championship and Continental SportsCar Challenge.

The situation in GT4 is getting more and more interesting; bearing in mind the fact that tourist car races tend to be among the most challenging and capturing of late, we will not be surprised should it very soon turn out that it’s worth looking forward to this championship’s races. Could anyone lend us a couple of thousand euros to buy one?

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