Mercedes AMG to release yet another entrant into the Race for the GT4 Cup

Mercedes AMG to release yet another entrant into the Race for the GT4 Cup

We can only rejoice to see the ever-growing GT4 category in the FIA Championships, as it has brought up not only a surge of well-equipped racecars but their road versions too!

The latest entrant into the fleet of factory super runners are Mercedes-AMG, who have released a version based on the recently shown AMG GT R.

AMG GT4‘outer appearance is stunning – an enormous wing in the back, wide slick tires visible along the sides, a big aperture on the bonnet and aggressive aerodynamic elements at the front.

Of course, as it is the case in motorsports, the driver’s safety and the effectiveness of the racecar come first, along with as much user-friendliness as possible.

Nothing has been said about specifications yet, but the standard model’s figures are impressive enough – 585hp in a car weighing 1600kg. A ratio that is expected to be even more optimized.


This car will help widen AMG’s racing-car range on offer, as they’ve already got a GT3 car based on the same model.

The moment it sets its tread on the racetrack, the AMG GT4 will have to match opponents with various characteristics in its class – Ford Mustang, BMW M4, Porsche Cayman, McLaren 570S and more.

“The development of Mercedes-AMG GT4 is yet another important step in sync with AMG’s long-term program for motorsport expansion.

The great feedback from our racing teams regarding AMG GT3 and the growing interest in GT4 has only been of great help in confirming our decision”, said Tobias Moers, the AMG boss.

As lovers of motorsport we all know that great roadster toys are born out of it, so please, dear manufacturers, do stop making the likes of Prius… Think of us poor people!

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