Revolutionary Mercedes headlights to Project Symbols on the Road

Revolutionary Mercedes headlights to Project Symbols on the Road

Mercedes are making revolution with their newly-developed headlights – Digital Light.

These are high digital beams that are capable of projecting various images on the asphalt, like on a cinema screen.

The symbols change according to conditions on the road.

The Digital Light system is ready and will be implemented in the serial models of the German premium brand very soon.

Each HD main light consists of millions of microscopic mirrors, whose beam is broken into pixels.

Their function is controlled by a special electronic unit, developed by Mercedes.

The computer analyses in real-time all the information coming from some sensors placed all over the car, and the electronic unit adjusts the headlights according to the situation.

The new optics can measure the distance to the car in front, project the road sign on the asphalt, warn about dangers ahead and avoid dazzling pedestrians or bike riders.

The supersmart headlights could even project a zebra crossing on the asphalt, in case you see a pedestrian in the dark who hesitates to cross and you decide to give him a sign and let him pass.

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