Microsoft Paint: The End After 32 Great Years

Microsoft Paint: The End After 32 Great Years

A piece of software history is headed according to the most current Windows 10 upgrade notes: it is now time to say goodbye.

Millions worldwide have utilized the staple PC program for everything from for decades from absurd scrawls to emergency office tasks that were cut-and-paste, but the art software that was fundamentals no longer part of Microsoft’s vision for Windows.

The first version of MS Paint released some 32 years ago. Sending back in 1985 using Windows 1.0 when you could not even save your hasty creations as JPEGs. This feature did not arrive before Windows 98.

Since then the program has remained bare bones despite upgrades, ‘and the result is that the once simple drawing program has begun to look more and more out of step with modern alternatives. Microsoft present Paint 3D in April, which has tools as well as original 2D ones.

But it’s a separate program entirely, and its survival will be a cold comfort to die-hard MS Paint fans. It will appear inevitable.

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